09-1103               Sand Creek                               8/12/2009


                            Sand Creek Amended Petition                   Molvar-Kessler-Prindle          8/12/2009

                                 Motion to Strike and Dismiss                               Green                         10/5/2009

                                 Exh. A. Motion to Strike and  Dismiss                   Green                        10/5/2009  

                                 Notice of Hearing                                                Searle                        3/19/2010

                                Reply to Motion to Strike and                               Molvar                        5/4/2010



                                Notice of Entry of Appearance                                Frank                       5/11/2010

                                          on Behalf of Mineral Hill, LP


                               Mineral Hill, LP Reply to                                         Frank                        5/11/2010

                                        Petitioner's Response in Opposition to

                                        Motion to Strike and Dismiss


                                Declaration of Erik Molvar                                     Molvar                       5/13/2010

                                      Jensen.Unpatented Mining                              Ruby                         6/9/2010

                                                 Claim Letter

                                      Moskee Land                                                 Ruby                         6/9/2010

                                                 Corporation.Surface or Mineral

                                                 Owner Letter

                                      First Western Bank.Unpatented                       Ruby                         6/9/2010

                                                 Mining Claim Letter

                                      Wells Fargo.Unpatented Mining                       Ruby                          6/9/2010

                                                  Claim Letter

                                     Osier Terrance.Strathmore                               Ruby                           6/9/2010

                                                  Resources.Unpatented Mining

                                                  Claim Letter

                                      First Interstate Bank.Unpatented                      Ruby                           6/9/2010

                                                  Mining Claim Letter

                                      Ottema.Unpatented Mining                               Ruby                          6/9/2010

                                                  Claim Letter

                                      Douglas Ottema.Unpatented                             Ruby                          6/9/2010

                                                   Mining Claim Letter

                                      Bronco Ck Mining.Unpatented                            Ruby                          6/9/2010

                                                   Mining Claim Letter

                                      Sundance                                                         Ruby                           6/9/2010


                                                   Mining Claim Letter

                                      Mineral Hill.Unpatented Mining                           Ruby                            6/9/2010

                                                   Claim Letter

                                      Bentz.Unpatented Mining                                   Ruby                           6/9/2010

                                                   Claim Letter

                                      Hubbard.Unpatented Mining                               Ruby                              6/9/2010

                                                   Claim Letter

                                      Pope and Talbot.Unpatented                              Ruby                              6/9/2010

                                                   Mining Claim Letter

                                      Barber.Unpatented Mining                                   Ruby                              6/9/2010

                                                   Claim Letter

                                      Cullum.Unpatented Mining                                  Ruby                              6/9/2010

                                                   Claim Letter

                                      Flesch.Unpatented Mining                                   Ruby                              6/9/2010

                                                   Claim Letter

                                      Newmont NA                                                     Ruby                             6/9/2010

                                                   Exploration.Unpatented Mining

                                                   Claim Letter

                                       BLM.Surface or Mineral Owner                           Ruby                             6/9/2010


                                       US Forest Service.Surface or                               Ruby                             6/9/2010

                                                  Mineral Owner Letter

                                       Board of Crook Cty.                                             Ruby                             6/9/2010

                                                  Commissioners.Surface or

                                                   Mineral Owner Letter

                                       BLM.Unpatented Mining Claim                              Ruby                            6/9/2010


                                       Johnson.Unpatented Mining                                  Ruby                            6/9/2010

                                                  Claim Letter


                                       Motion for Continuance                                        Reece                            6/24/2010


                                                               Comments.Farquhar                                            Farquhar                         6/28/2010


                                       Comments.Leir                                                      Leir                              6/29/2010


                                       Order Denying Continuance                                   Searle                            6/30/2010


                                       Comments.Grove-Janet Rathbun                          Rathbun                          7/1/2010

                                       Molvar E-Mail.7-1-10                                               Molvar                           7/1/2010

                                       Comments.Green                                                  Green                             7/1/2010

                                       Green E-Mail.Golden                                               Green                             7/2/2010


                                                 Green-Molvar.E-Mail.7-2-10                               Green-Molvar                        7/2/2010

                                        Comments.Mortimer                                             Mortimer                           7/2/2010

                                        Comments.Warren-Stefani Braun                             Braun                              7/2/2010

                                        Comments.J.Arthur                                             Arthur                             7/6/2010

                                        Comments.Gunderson                                       Gunderson                        7/6/2010

                                        Comments.M.E.Arthur                                         Arthur                            7/6/2010

                                        Comments.J.Rathbun                                          Rathbun                           7/6/2010

                                        Green E-Mail.7-6-10                                               Green                             7/6/2010

                                 Green Comment Letter.7-6-10                                Green                             7/6/2010 

                                       Comments.Green.E-Mail 7-7-10                              Green                             7/7/2010

                                       Molvar Response to Green E-                                Molvar                             7/7/2010



                                       Comments.Crook County                                   Moline-Dennis-                     7/8/2010

                                                   Commissioners                                          Hadley



                                       Comments.NAPS Black Hills of                                Wolf                               7/8/2010

                                                   Sand Creek Valley


                                 Comments.Haiar.7-8-10                                         Haiar                                7/8/2010

                                        Public Comments.Attach.1.7-8-10                                                                 7/8/2010

                                        Public Comments.Attach.2.7-8-10                                                                 7/8/2010  

                                        Public Comments.Attach.3.7-8-10                                                                 7/8/2010

                                        Handouts.Hilding.7-8-10                                         Hilding                             7/8/2010

                                        Comments.WFB.7-8-10                                                                                7/8/2010

                                        Comments.Thompson.7-8-10                              Thompson                          7/8/2010

                                        Comments.NAPS.8-30-10                                      Wolf                               8/30/2010

                                        Motion for Continuance.9-29-10                   Crook Cty.                         9/29/2010


                                        Opposition to Motion for a                                Molvar                           9/29/2010


                                        Comments.Green.9-30-10                                   Green                            9/30/2010

                                 Ruby Response to Green                                      Ruby                           10/4/2010


                                       Order of Hearing                                                 Searle                            10/6/2010


                                       Mineral Hill, LP Notice of                                   Frank                             10/7/2010

                                                      Joinder in WY Farm Bureau

                                                            Federation, et al. Motion for

                                                            Continuance of Public Hearing 

                                       Motion for Contested Case                              Johnson (Bronco)              10/8/2010 


                                      Notice of Hearing and Order                                Searle                             10/12/2010


                                       Notice of Entry of Appearance                              Frank                             10/13/2010

                                                            on Behalf of Bronco Creek

                                                Exploration, Inc.

                                       Sundance Times Public Notice                             Molvar                           10/13/2010

                                      Complaint of Unauthorized                                     Green                            10/13/2010

                                                          Practice of Law of Erik Molvar

                                      Green E-Mail.10-13-10                                         Green                              10/13/2010

                                      Casper Star Public Notice                                      Molvar                          10/13/2010

                                      Mineral Hill, L.P. and Bronco                                 Frank                            10/13/2010

                                                Creek Exploration, Inc. Motion

                                                for Relief from Notice of

                                               Hearing and Order Dated

                                      Mineral Hill, L.P. Objection to                               Frank                             10/13/2010

                                                             Petition and Request for

                                                              Contested Case Proceeding

                                       Witness List of Petitioner                                      Molvar                           10/14/2010

                                                  Biodiversity Conservation

                                        Townsend Party E-Mail.10-14-10                         Ruby                               10/14/2010

                                        Green-Frank.Party Letter.10-14-10                        Ruby                               10/14/2010

                                        Fort Comments.10-14-10                                        Fort                                10/14/2010

                                        Notice of Hearing and Order                                 Searle                              10/14/2010

                                        Johnson.Party E-Mail.10-14-10                              Ruby                               10/14/2010

                                        Wilson Comments.10-14-10                                  Wilson                             10/14/2010

                                        Prehearing Memorandum by                                   Baron                              10/14/2010

                                                  Crook County

                                        Engelskirger Party E-Mail.10-14-10                        Ruby                              10/14/2010

                                        Moline Party E-Mail.10-14-10                               Ruby                                10/14/2010

                                        Semlek Party E-Mail.10-14-10                               Ruby                                10/14/2010

                                        Hilding Party E-Mail.10-14-10                               Ruby                               10/14/2010

                                        Antior Comments.10-14-10                                   Antior                               10/14/2010

                                        Molvar Party E-Mail.10-14-10                                Ruby                               10/14/2010

                                        Crook Cty Commissioners                                        Ruby                               10/14/2010

                                                              Party E-Mail.10-14-10

                                        Entry of Appearance by Crook                                Baron                               10/14/2010


                                        Rathbun Comments.10-15-10                                 Rathbun                             10/15/2010

                                       Black Hills Forest Resource                               Engelskirger                          10/15/2010  

                                                               Assoc. Party Request.10-15-10

                                        Affidavit of Erik Molvar                                        Molvar                               10/15/2010

                                        Seeley Comments.10-15-10                                   Seeley                               10/15/2010

                                        J.Johnson.Comments.10-18-10                              Johnson                              10/18/2010

                                       Campo.Comments.10-18-10                                    Campo                              10/18/2010

                                       Mortimer.Comments.10-18-10                              Mortimer                             10/18/2010

                                       Ottema.Comments.10-18-10                                   Ottema                                10/18/2010

                                       Olson.Comments.10-18-10                                      Olson                                 10/18/2010

                                       WY State Lands and                                                Child                                  10/18/2010


                                       Crook Cty. Land Use Planning                               Whalen                                 10/19/2010

                                                              and Zoning Commision.Comments

                                       Hersrud.Comments.10-19-10                                 Hersrud                                10/19/2010

                                  Driskill                                10/19/2010

                                       Prehearing Order.10-20-10                                    Searle                                  10/20/2010


                                       Stoltenberg.Comments.10-20-10                          Stoltenberg                             10/20/2010

                                       Davis.Comments.10-20-10                                      Davis                                  10/20/2010

                                       Semlek.Comments.10-20-10                                  Semlek                                  10/20/2010

                                       Crook Cty. Farm Bureau                                        Hawken                                 10/20/2010


                                       Affidavit of Erik Molvar.10-20-10                        Molvar                                   10/20/2010

                                      Townsend.Comments.10-20-10                             Townsend                                10/20/2010

                                      Artley.Comments.10-20-10                                    Artley                                      10/20/2010

                                      Earthworks.Comments.10-20-10                            Gestring                                  10/20/2010

                                      Earthworks.Comparison                                         Gestring                                  10/20/2010


                                       Motion for Leave From                                          Molvar                                   10/20/2010

                                                Requirement that Expert

                                                Witnesses' Vitae, Resumes,

                                                and Testimony-Opinion

                                                Summaries be Provided by 12

                                                Noon on Friday, October 22, 2010


                                         Motion for Parties of Record to                            Molvar                                   10/20/2010

                                                 be Determined by Entries of


                                         WY Mining Assoc. Comments.10-20-10               Loomis                                   10/21/2010

                                         Rahn.Comments.10-21-10                                      Rahn                                       10/21/2010

                                         Hilding.Comments.10-21-10                                 Hilding                                    10/21/2010

                                         Taylor.Comments.10-21-10                                  Taylor                                      10/21/2010

                                         Garvey.Comments.10-21-10                                 Garvey                                     10/21/2010

                                          Public Comment.10-22-10

                                          Rathburn Comments.10-25-10                             Rathburn                                     10-25-10

                                          Field Trip Recommendations.Engelskirger                                                            10-25-10

                                          Schossler.Comments.10-25-10                           Schossler                                     10-25-10

                                          Dobric.Comments.10-26-10                                 Dobric                                       10-25-10

                                          Haiar.Request for Party Status.10-25-10                Haiar                                        10-25-10

                                          Duerr.Comments.10-26-10                                    Duerr                                         10-26-10

                                         Engelskirger.Comments.10-26-10                       Engelskirger                                10/26/2010

                                         Bonner.Comments.10-27-10                                  Bonner                                      10/27/2010

                                         Gabel.Comments.10-27-10                                    Gabel                                       10/27/2010

                                         Fort.Comments.10-27-10                                         Fort                                        10/27/2010

                                         Findings of Fact, Conclusions of                            Searle                 1/14/2011                                                                                  Law and Order

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